Your Intranet: Modern and Efficient

Our Enterprise Social Network (ESN) consistently combines various communication channels and tools in one interface.

Distracting elements have been removed systematically by a minimalist design. Everything is focussed on the content.

That's how you work efficient.

Social Intranet all-in-one solution

A large variety of tools are combined in one platform. The powerful features are consistently easy and intuitive to use.

Document storage with version control and full-text search
Media Database
Keep your media well-structured
Image markings and zoom
Create ad hoc tasks with a comment
Group calendar with polls for scheduling
Mind Maps
Create new ideas
Wiki and CMS
Share knowledge with Wikis and CMS features
Contact via individual or group chat
Video conference
Meetings in virtual rooms through video conferencing

News Feed smartly structured

In the personal newsfeed, all information is collected and displayed in chronological order.

That is the usual way to do this. And in general this is the best way to do this. But sometimes it is not. Sometimes some information just belongs together although chronological seperated. You can change this now. Join thematically related content (e.g. an appointment and a document) with Drag & Drop to a collection. It's easy.


Better Communikation

With our Enterprise Social Network the employees get closer together. Departments, floors and sites no longer play a role in communication. This allows you to communicate faster and more efficiently.

Joint in a network all group members are always informed about news and project progress. Integrated applications like document management and task management improve your teamwork.

Incorporate Employees

The "social media" generation uses tools such as Facebook privately. The ability to offer this modern way of communicating in the workplace is a key factor to gain new talents.

Encourage Innovation

According to an MIT study by Prof. Thomas J. Allen, 80% of all innovations are generated by "informal talks". Innovative companies, or those who want to increase their speed of innovation, create opportunities for informal communication. This, of course, will take place also in our Enterprise Social Network.

Enterprise Features

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Transform your intranet into a communication center!

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Contrary to the current trend, this product is not offered as a cloud service.
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