Helpdesk reinvented

All software developed by flying dog share one strong conviction: enterprise software has to be more than just a bunch of features. A Helpdesk has to be intuitive and fast but also somehow beautiful. That's the way to increase the efficiency of your processes.

Design - elegant and functional

Our helpdesk offers a truly fresh design. Every detail has been carefully thought out. For example the way tickets are pooled in stacks. Have a look at the history of a ticket with a condensed view like folded paper. Or the unique full screen search and the Gantt charts. These are the things that make the users day easier. Everything is quicker. New user have a flying start.

Workflow Engine and Process Designer

The flying dog Helpdesk shows not what is technologically possible, but what is technologically suitable. The users are not hit by hundreds of confusing input masks. Content is not stored in thousands of database tables. Starting from the helpdesk core, your reqirements and processes are custom-tailored with our advanced Process Designer and Workflow Engine. The software adapts to your needs and not vice versa. Moreover, any business processes can be implemented: ITIL Change Management, order processes, request for time off...

Powerful features

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You want to introduce a Helpdesk solution to your company or replace an existing product? We at flying dog software support large and medium-sized companies and organizations with the launch of Helpdesk software. Contact us today for a presentation under +49-40-4711208-0 or fill out the form below:


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